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We use some of the most advanced leak detection equipment such as thermal imaging cameras, electronic sonar listening device, moisture meters to pinpoint any type of leak whether it be a plumbing leak, roofing leak, structural leak, slab leak or wall leak. Above & Beyond Leak Detection, Inc. is the premier Cocoa Beach leak detection company for all your leak detection and leak detection needs. The company was founded by Trent Sherman who has over 12 years of insurance restoration experience including water, mold, fire, smoke and leak detection.

Above & Beyond Leak Detection, Inc. - Cocoa Beach Plumbing Leaks

Experts suggest early leak detection in Cocoa Beach in order to prevent costly damage from occurring. No matter what type of Cocoa Beach plumbing leaks it may be, whether it be sewer & drain, pipeline leaks or slab leaks, we can provide you with professional leak detection in Cocoa Beach.

Cocoa Beach Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can occur at the most inconvenient times and many of these water leaks can remain unseen, causing damage to the entire infrastructure of the roof. Luckily, our Cocoa Beach roof leak detection experts are here to help. No matter what type of roof you have, we can provide effective leak detection and perform any necessary leak detections.

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Cocoa Beach Water Leaks

Water leaks in Cocoa Beach can occur anytime without any warning and it may be too late before one gets to know about them. To detect such leaks we can use water leak detector. It is an electronic device which is kept at a place where a leak can take place. It sounds an alarm when it comes in contact with water which alerts us of the leak. It is a battery driven device so the batteries should be changed every year to ensure that the device works efficiently. It will continue to produce sound till the battery dries out. But if you install it in a vacation home which is not visited regularly then the detector would not be able to alert you about the leak. For such cases you can use advanced water detectors which are attached to the phone line and call you with a prerecorded message.

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