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Some Sure Signs Of Orlando Home Plumbing Leaks

Orlando Plumbing Leaks

Many times, the plumbing in your walls or second story floor space can spring a leak. When that happens, you may see signs of damage to your walls or ceiling. If we’re really lucky, the leak will be obvious. If not, a small leak can cause considerable damages to the building materials and can cause health problems like mold and mildew growth.

If you have ceiling drywall that seems to be bulging, you more than likely have a leak going on. On walls, you can have wallpaper peeling, textures peeling, wet streaks, or just water pouring out. If lucky, the leak is visible, if not, it’s hidden within the wall cavity and you may never know it’s there. Plumbing leaks can go on for a long time without being detected by the owner.

Signs of Plumbing Leaks In Your Yard

Homeowners are often surprised to find small or large areas of their lawns that are sopping wet. We hear stories all the time of them stepping in pooling water that they couldn’t even see as they walked up to the area. Pooled water or soppy, muddy ground is a sure sign there’s a plumbing leak going on. Either that or you have some kind of fresh -water spring pushing it’s way through your ground, which is possible.

The problem with plumbing leaks in your yard is they are often located in areas you normally don’t walk through, or even under the home’s crawlspace areas where you won’t ever be going. Leaks under a home that has crawlspace are difficult to detect simply because it’s dark down there and cramped, and we generally don’t have any business being underneath the house. Again, with our leak detection equipment, no plumbing leak can hide from us even when out of site or reach.

Signs of Plumbing Leaks Under Foundations

You may be suspicious that you have some leaking going on underneath your home’s or commercial property’s foundation, but not be positive about it. It isn’t always easy to tell there’s an issue, especially located in an area that you can’t easily see. And even if you’re pretty sure there is, it doesn’t mean the leak is originating under your foundation. It could be anywhere in a wall nearby.

Wet looking or feeling foundations may also be caused by ground water seepage just from wet ground due to weather conditions. With a plumbing leak you can actually notice, there will be a spot that’s wet and obviously different from the other areas of the foundation.

If you have flooring installed on top of your foundation, it may be impossible to tell there’s a leak at all. You could have a leak going on for years that keeps messing with your flooring materials without you even knowing why.

That’s what makes services like our Orlando professional leak detection important for you. Our high-tech equipment can spot a leak just about anywhere and pinpoint the pipes that are leaking. No more guessing!

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